About Me

I am a crazy fiend. I am your worst nightmare. I am the gift of the wheat and the whore of babylon. I live in Las Vegas and I have four kids. I sit around on my ass all day thinking of new ways to make money and most of them fail. I have ADD, bad skin, bad breathe, and a small penis. I like to touch myself a lot. I been known on occasion to get absolutely shit-faced drunk.

I like to read books, I like movies, and I like food. I like other things too like taking a really satisfying shit in the morning. We all like so many things that naming them all is stupid and pointless. I should probably just tell you all the things I hate. First of all I hate SEO Consultants. If you consider yourself an SEO consultant you are probably a cock sucker. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay or sucking a bone but c’mon…it’s pretty damn gay to call yourself an SEO consultant. I hate other things too like people who use a lot of ketchup. Ketchup is pretty much corn syrup. It’s basically sugar additive to your food so you can become a fat cow. Not that there is anything wrong with being fat but c’mon…get fat off some good food not McDonald’s. If you are getting fat off Big Mac’s then you are pretty much a loser.

This is the about me page. I could say more but why? If you read this far you probably realize you don’t like me. That’s totally fine with me. I probably wouldn’t like you if I knew more about you.

Thanks for reading.

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