This site in no way is responsible for your own idiocy. If you really believe all the bullshit I am saying I feel really bad for you.  This site is meant to be complete satire.  In case you’re a complete tool the word satire means I am joking.  It means that most of what I say (except calling you a tool) is sarcasm.  I made all this stuff up for the most part.  If it sounds too good to be true…well it is.

I am also not telling you to click your own ads. Every adsense member should be well aware of their TOS which clearly states you can’t encourage others to click your ads.  If you notice I don’t have any real ads on this site from adsense.  Heck I don’t even want to link to any of my actual sites.  In truth I make a few hundred a month from adsense as most people do.

In short every person is responsible for their own stupidity.  That’s my disclaimer for you.

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