Buying an Island

Being so incredibly wealthy from my Fruny Business I have decided to place an offer on an island that’s available off the coast of the Bahamas. So far it’s looking good. The island is already setup with some utilities like running water (from a well), satellite internet, and a set of native families that would make for great employees. The only downside is that the southern end of the beach has a rather poor section full of rocks and rough water. I guess no island is perfect but after surveying four of them this was within my budget and had the most to offer.

Here is a picture of me on the island.

Doesn’t it look great? I would like to offer more pictures but I haven’t purchased it yet. Right now I have a bid of $6 million. They are asking $8 million and I might go that high but let’s see if I can save some money first. Since I have nearly $2 million made this month I can have this island paid for by end of summer.

I know that some of you might be jealous but I promise that for my loyal fans I will be throwing a party once the deal closes and I will be flying down the top 50 commenters on the site. Yeah, I got it like that.

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  1. Nice. I would like one too.

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