Coca-Cola Responds

Today Coca-Cola surprisingly answered my email. They wanted something called a media-kit. I have to be honest I was forced to Google it. It turns out a media-kit is what they call a portfolio for advertisers. It helps them decide on ads. It includes all types of nifty statistics and normally complete pricing. I spent a little time using Adobe Acrobat and created a quick PDF. Check out the Fruny Media Kit.

It took me a couple hours to make that so let’s hope it works.  As you can see from the PDF the sites gets nearly 250 million page views a month (wink wink).  Let’s hope they don’t check my Alexa ranking though. If they do I will have to come up with some crazy excuse why I am not ranked.

Now that I am past creating that damn PDF I am pretty happy about the possibility of Coca-Cola being a direct advertiser for my Fruny readers.  I personally love diet Coke.  Although they seem to mess around with the formula a bit too much.  I don’t want to give them too much free publicity.  They gotta pay my rates if they want a full writeup.

Anyone else interested in advertising here just read that PDF Media Kit and send me a contact.

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