Google Banned Me and Won’t Pay

Well it seems I am totally screwed. Google has sent me an email making claims that my clicks were fraudulent and according to their Terms Of Service they are cancelling my account. I don’t really care except they are also saying they aren’t going to pay me. I plan on getting a lawyer BIG-TIME and suing their asses off for billions. It’s just not fair I got banned but it’s criminal they are keeping my money. It’s almost $2.5 million at this point. How can they do this?

I also plan to contact as many media outlets as I can. I might even make a press release. The bad publicity Google will get surely will cause them to lose billions in market capital as their stock plummets. I really won’t stand for this type of crap. If anyone has some advice I would really appreciate it. Also if any lawyers want to help me out and get them to settle I am willing to offer 25% of whatever you can muscle from them. I am willing to take this to the Supreme Court if I have to.

I am also uninstalling that stupid Google Toolbar. It’s worthless anyways. None of my pages have Pagerank and that’s not cool. From now on…I plan to use Yahoo! for all my searches too. I tried to register but it’s already taken by some other unhappy Google person. I may have to do a whois lookup and make an offer for the domain. I am sure they can’t want more than a few bucks for it. Besides I would be doing them a favor by making a kick ass site about how much Google does suck.

Of course I also removed all their ads. I am still hopeful I can make a lot of money though. The guys from Coca-Cola are still interested and I sent that media kit to about 30 places.  If even one of them buys ads I might be making hundreds of thousands again.  I gotta hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

I just did an Yahoo! search for “google sucks” and there are 124,000 results. That should tell you something about this company.

Thank goodness I didn’t buy that island in the Bahamas yet. I would be totally farked if I did.

Anyone have any advice for me?

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  1. Too bad dude, try to get a good lawyer it’s a good amount of money, if I was you I wasn’t to even have the guts to sit down and write this post about getting banned.

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