How I made $1.6 million dollars in 2 weeks.

Here is a screenshot of my past 2 weeks in adsense where I racked in over $1.6 million dollars.

1.6 Million in just over 2 weeks

Some of you are obviously skeptical of my success but no matter. I am not an incredibly rich man. Adsense is way to get rich quick for any blogger. It takes almost no work and the clicks just keep on coming. Success is now my middle name. I must admit the first few days of the month weren’t as good for me but within a week I was in the 60-figure a day income range. What was difficult was finding a way to spend all my money. Google called me up to congratulate me. I guess being the most profitable blog in the world has gotten their attention.

Making about $2 million in a single month is going to change my life. It will without doubt set my life on a new track. My children will be well cared for. I have gotten two offers for the site already. One was from Bill Gates who seemed a bit upset over the phone. He wanted to know why my blog was more successful than his. The other was George W. Bush (yes our president) asking if I would do a favorable review of his performance. When I said I really can’t do that he straight up offered me a couple oil wells in Texas. When I turned that down I heard him asking Cheney “Hey, can we get this guy a couple billion for Iraq contracts through Haliburton?”…rather shocking ain’t it.

The title of this blog post is how I made the $1.6 million so fast. Well the answer is simple. Click fraud. I told every one of my friends to click away. I went to the library and used every computer. I went to a college and handed out flyers asking people to click as much as possible. It was truly a grass-roots effort. I know what some of you are thinking. That click fraud is against the Google TOS. Well yeah…technically but do you really think they care? I am sure they made a cool million or maybe even more off my blog. So for all my inspiring bloggers…click away. Click every damn one of your own ads. Heck…click on your friends, click on your mom’s and best of all click on mine.

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  1. Laughing at here… LOL
    You’re so funny guys. I love your tips story. Would you like to create one photoshop screenshot for me?

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