Please Help Me Become A Millionaire

Today is my first blog post. I have ads all over the site so I need everyone to do me a giant favor and just click away. Tell your friends to do so also. Tell your friends friends. Get your relatives. Call that Uncle you haven’t spoken to in 14 years. Get everyone involved. I want to see how well this does for me. If it does well I can move out of the trailer park into a nicer apartment rental.

I really don’t know what I am doing but it doesn’t look too difficult. Adsense immediately approved me so I guess that’s good. I sent emails to companies like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Maytag (the guys who make great washers and dryers) asking if they want to advertise here. I kind of lied about my statistics but no matter…it’s not like they will respond anyways.

So I am asking for your help to become a millionaire. I need you to do everything possible to help me get rich. I have always been poor. I grew up eating rice and beans. On the best days we had Hamburger Helper. My Dad used to beat me too. It wasn’t so bad the beatings but when he got naked it was rather uncomfortable for me to say the least. If I make millions from this blog I promise to donate at least 1% to a charity. I would probably donate to Work To Ride. They are a great charity that helps inner city youth learn the sport of Polo.  One can’t think of a better use for money than that.

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